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Cormint – 10 straws (NZ/AUS)

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21st of October 2021 at 10:30 AM
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As reserve champion at 2004 Holsteiner approvals, Cormint was particularly noted for his outstanding trot, a modern sport type and even more for his scope. He combines Holstein’s elite in his pedigree such as Calido I whose personal and offspring (Ex: Coupe de Coeur) performances have stamped both breed and Showjumping forever. With the Olympian Carthago and his mother Ilona being full sister to Rodrigo Pessoa’s Carlot, Cormint’s talent appears as a well-bred destiny. Cormint appears as world #19 jumping sire for his age group.

Straws are stocked at CryNZ (NZ) and Genemovers (AUS) and shipping costs are payable directly to them.

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