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⦁ Quick Star is a very popular sire, due to the great performances of his offspring in the show-ring. He is approved in 20 studbooks and is one of the best sire of current showjumping winners. His most renowned offspring include: Big Star, Orient Express, Quick Ardent, Quick Study, Star Power, Niagara d’Elle, Marjolaine d’Elle, Sprehe Stella, Quilot Z, Quick Lauro Z, Quincy Z, Quality Touch Z, Quatrin de la Roque, Ninio de Rox, Notrestar dela Nutria, Popstar Lozonais, Qantar des Etisses (recently acquired by McLain Ward)… At the 2012 London Olympics, Quick Star was one of the most influential sires, with two sons in the final individual top ten: Nick Skelton’s Big Star who lead the British team to gold, and Ian Millar’s Star Power.